South Mississippi bridges and overpasses iced over, MHP working multiple …

PASCAGOULA, Mississippi — Mississippi Highway Patrol and local authorities in south Mississippi are working numerous wrecks, including a triple fatality in which an infant died on Miss. 11 near Picayune, Friday night as bridges and overpasses have iced over, according to Trooper Jason Gazzo.

“It’s safe to say that every overpass and bridge in Troop K, which is the 6 lower counties, is iced over,” Gazzo said. “We are working multiple crashes. Every trooper we have is out tonight.

“We are working with MDOT to get help to the trouble areas, but we don’t have a low of snow equipment and we don’t have a lot of resources to handle things like this down here.”

Gazzo said a 19-car crash on U.S. 49 near School Road has been clear, but that roadway remains closed due to ice.

A 10-car pileup on I-10 near the Louisiana state line has been cleared, but the highway is closed in that area.

Gazzo said a multi-car crash was also just reported at Exit 50 on I-10, the Ocean Springs exit.

“If you are out on the road tonight, there’s a high probability you will be in a wreck no matter how good a driver you are. It’s unsafe to be out driving tonight.”

Gazzo said parts of U.S. 90, I-10, I-59 and U.S. 49 are closed due to icy roads.

Jackson County Emergency Service Director Earl Etheridge said bridges in the east part of Jackson County are starting to ice over.

Bridges closed in JAckson County include:

The Ocean Springs-Biloxi U.S. 90 bridge.

The Fort Bayou Bridge on Miss. 609.

The I-10 Exit 50 overpass at Ocean Springs.

The Escatawpa River Bridge on Miss. 63 in Moss Point.

The West River Bridge on the causeway in Gautier.

Parker Lake Bridge on River Road near Wade.

Etheridge said county crews and MDOT are working to get sand on the bridges as quickly as possible.

“The last time I remember it being this bad was about 1983,” Etheridge said. “We’ve been told this was a possibility but it was never strongly worded in the forecast but all the conditions came together just right.”

Etheridge said the sleet should begin to taper off around midnight, but freezing temperatures are expected to remain until about 9 a.m. Saturday, so conditions will be hazardous for driving throughout the night.

Jackson County Sheriff Charles Britt has dispatched additional patrol officers throughout the area to monitor road conditions.

Britt urged Jackson County residents to stay off roads until the weather conditions improve.

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