Police: Bus goes off I-10 when man attacks driver


An early morning bus ride to Dallas ends in a crash West of the valley when officers say a man attacked a Greyhound bus driver along I-10 and took control of the bus. Everyone onboard survived and tonight that man is in custody.

“We was jumping and flying… the girl that was sitting next to me was all the way to the floor” said Susana Ordinola.

Susana described to us the last leg of her ride from Los Angeles to Phoenix as horrifying. An unruly passenger, 25 year-old Maquel Morris, attacked the bus driver forcing him to lose control.

“I don’t know for some reason before we get to Phoenix he come from no where and he run to the driver and he screamed everybody gonna die now… started pulling the wheel hitting the driver” said Ordinola.

Exhausted by the ordeal passengers wrapped themselves in blue blankets and slept on the station floor as they waited for the next bus out of town. Other victims who live in the valley came by the bus station to pick up belongings left behind when the bus crashed, choosing not to share their face but sharing the terror of what happened. “It was chaotic”, “people were literally airborne, people were on the floor, there were babies on board it was pretty tragic”.

Before the relief busses arrived this is also where family showed up hopeful for any information that would lead them to their loved ones.

“I just barely found out a few minutes ago that he is in the hospital, he couldn’t talk much because of the reception in the hospital” said Angelique Urrituia.

Angelique Urritia waited for hours after talking to her dad moments after the crash, the 63-year received minor injuries.

“We thought that we gonna roll over and so everybody was screaming like crazy” said Ordinola.

Ordinola who suffered a bruised rib and hurt her knee says she is just grateful to be alive and by late morning she was ready to be arrive home in San Bernardino.

Fox 10 has learned the man accused of trying to overtake that bus has an arrest record out of Mississippi. Authorities say he was headed home to the Memphis area.

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