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From the far West Texas border to San Antonio, to Houston, Beaumont and on to Louisiana, Interstate 10 is the southernmost major transportation corridor in Texas. In fact, the California-to-Florida highway runs 2,600 miles, with Texas in the middle at the crossroads of the nation’s coast-to-coast traffic.

As Texans know, I-10 is often congested and accident prone in urban areas like San Antonio, Houston and the Gulf Coast region. Passenger vehicles in commutes and on trips use it heavily, as does the large trucking industry for the transport of goods to and from Gulf ports, across Texas and beyond.

Interstate 10 accident examples

A quick Internet news perusal quickly turns up stories of motor vehicle crashes on I-10 in South Texas, as well as lawsuits that result from them. From the December 2013 Southeast Texas Record:
- A woman from Kountze has sued in Texas state court the driver of a construction company vehicle for negligently rear ending the plaintiff’s car in slow I-10 traffic in the vicinity of the Goodyear Plant in Beaumont. She also filed suit against the driver’s employer in respondeat superior, a legal claim against an employer alleging responsibility for negligent harm caused by an employee.
- A settlement was announced in Texas in a lawsuit over the deaths of two passengers in a giant pileup of more than 100 vehicles on a foggy Thanksgiving morning in 2012 on Interstate 10 southwest of Beaumont. The victims’ estate sued the company that owned the truck for negligently hiring, training and retaining the driver as well as for failing to properly maintain the truck.

I-10 crash victims should seek legal counsel

These are just two examples of the many, many accidents that happen daily on I-10 in Texas. Any Texan or nonresident passing through on I-10 or another Texas freeway who experiences such a collision and suffers property damage or personal injury should speak with an experienced Texas motor vehicle attorney about potential legal remedies and potentially responsible parties.

The victim’s personal injury lawyer can launch an investigation of the crash to gather important evidence of liability. Legal counsel already familiar with I-10′s dangerous stretches can be particularly helpful.

Similarly, surviving loved ones of victims who die in I-10 and other Texas highway collisions should seek legal advice about possible remedies like wrongful death lawsuits.

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