Garbage truck collides with motorcycle; victim’s family speaks


It was a horrible crash — a motorcyclist collided with a city of Phoenix garbage truck.

The man on the bike was left with severe neck and back injuries, as well as several broken bones.  The 28-year-old also has to have surgeries on his leg and pelvis.

Sadly, Ryan Logue’s injuries may affect his speech — and that could end his career as an auctioneer.

When the collision happened, he was on his way to meet up with his fiancée, but never showed up.

“There are so many things that are going on right now.. they are focusing on one thing at a time,” said Logue’s mother, Zoraleigh Ryan.

Logue was on his motorcycle Thursday when police say the garbage truck pulled out of a driveway on Deer Valley Road near Cave Creek Road and into Logue’s path.  He was not wearing a helmet.

“He was meeting his fiancée, so he had called her and said I am leaving now. And then it was like an hour later, so she started calling around to area hospitals and found that there was accident and he was here,” said Zoraleigh.

Logue was set to get married next month.  He has a daughter and he and his fiancée have a 6-week old baby.

“With his fiancée and their new baby, she also has two boys of her own and Ryan was the sole provider for the family,” said Mitch Jordan, a friend.

The driver of the garbage truck, who has been with the city for about a decade, is on administrative leave while the Public Works Department and police investigate.

Police tell FOX 10 detectives have more work to do before they can decide whether to cite the truck driver for failing to yield.

As for Ryan, his family says it will be a long recovery.

“We do believe that Ryan is going to work toward his recovery and be able to fulfill his dreams he had before the accident,” said Zoraleigh.

Doctors told the family that it is still too early to give a long term prognosis.  The family has set up a fundraising campaign.

Ryan Logue Fundraiser -

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