Distracted driving suspected in I-10 crash

Map: I-10 crash

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PHOENIX — Authorities are investigating the cause of a car crash on Interstate 10 that injured a woman and two children Wednesday night.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety said a black sedan carrying two women and two young children rear-ended a white Jeep, which was stopped at a red light on the freeway on-ramp near 59th Avenue. Authorities say the sedan was driving at a fairly high speed.

“I was parked at the light and, all of a sudden, they slammed into me,” said the uninjured driver of the Jeep, who declined to provide his name. “I got spun around a few times. My hopes and prayers are with the children that they’re all OK.”

The driver of the sedan and the two children were taken to a hospital but their injuries were not life-threatening.

Investigators say it is too early to determine why the woman did not stop for the light, but they do suspect distracted driving. She was unconscious after the crash.

“You hear us constantly talking about distracted driving. This can be the result,” said DPS Officer Steven Jacobs. “(It’s) as simple as a text, as a simple as another occupant, as simple as looking at your GPS. Eyes should be on the road 100 percent, all the time.”

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